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Other ASoIaF crafts

Like I said, finding crafts people have made is hard, especially since when I Google “ASoIaF crafts” I get a lot of links talking about Martin’s writing craft. But I’m trying to make this as complete as possible in the future, so if you know of anything that can be added, please leave a comment.

Inn at the Crossroads is a simply glorious blog that makes recipes mentioned in the books. Nothing makes my mouth water like going to this blog and drooling over pictures of beef and bacon pies.

There are some neat projects that have been made by the good people over at Craftster. Here is a link to pictures from a themed swap that was done (sadly, no tutorials!), here is a nifty Stark crest and here is a direwolf-embroidered pouch.

Etsy has some crafts for sale, but not as many as, say, Harry Potter or Star Wars. This must change, people!

While not specifically aimed at ASoIaF fans, Stella Four did point out some wolf and dragon crafts that you can make.

And while makeup doesn’t really fall into a craft, per se, Meredith Jessica’s Game of Thrones makeup series is too beautiful not to include in this list.

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