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Winter is Coming! Knit a Scarf!

All has been quiet over here at my place, due to end of the year work craziness and holidays and whatnot.

But I did do a little work. I’ve managed to sketch out the design for my “Winter is Coming” scarf and here it is:



It’s my first attempt at making a knitting pattern, so I’m pretty proud of myself. I had to do quite a bit of calculations to make everything fit right (as if I don’t have to do enough math in my head at work). I taped the graph paper up on my window to trace my direwolf sketch on it and make it into a knitable pattern. It was a little difficult, and I may tweak it a bit to make it look better, but here’s what it is now:


Now it’s just a matter of starting to knit. It’s my first time knitting in Fair Isle, so it’s going to be a big adventure. I bought some supersoft cotton yarn in white and grey and I’ll keep you updated on progress.

Another big development is the Craft Directory of Ice and Fire, up at the top. Finally, a place to collect all the ASoIaF crafts on the internet in one place! I decided to start with just links to search results for the big places like Craftster and Etsy, but I want to know if it’s better to list out all the individual crafts so that people don’t have to go through all the search results. What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be welcome.


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