All of the Game of Thrones Cocktails You Can Handle

It turns out, based on my stats, that a lot of people end up on my site from Googling phrases about Game of Thrones cocktails. (And then they get pictures of hankies. What inadvertent trolling! HAHAHA.) It makes sense; with the premiere only a week away (!!!) people are looking for ways to make their viewing parties extra special, or at least have something to drown their sorrows in during certain scenes.

At any rate, I mentioned how popular my cocktail post was to my mixologist boyfriend, and he immediately got down to business. “What are the houses? What are their sigils? What colors are they?” We flipped through his cocktail books and scoured the internet and found some yummy, and punny, cocktails perfect for watching the Game of Thrones premiere. I’ve included the recipes in the post, so you don’t have to have 800 tabs open to see what drinks you want to make. I’m nice like that.

Since this makes for a long post, I’ve divided the drinks up by houses and put them under the cut below. And if you have another cocktail that would fit in here, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it.

NOTE: Some of these recipes are well-known standards, and some of them are recent inventions. When a recipe is from a specific blog or cocktail book, I have provided a link it. However, all the recipes are readily available on the internet, so I’m not trying to gank someone else’s hard work. All unattributed drinks are from Wikipedia or other online cocktail databases.

And now, for the cocktails…

Reek, Reek, It (sort of) rhymes with “I need a drink.”

I was never much of a drinker when I was younger. Beer tasted too earthy and wine too bitter. Then I discovered the fantastic world of cocktails. They can be strong or sweet or fizzy or colorful – there’s a cocktail to suit whatever mood or taste you desire. Luckily for me, my boyfriend has become an amateur Tiki drink mixologist, so I can down zombies and Singapore slings until the cows come home.

Which brings me to links, links! With Game of Thrones drinks! Sadly, I wasn’t able to find a lot of related cocktails, but I did find a blog with a list of several ASoIaF cocktails, a couple of which sound pretty good (except the Bailey’s and lime juice. BARF). And LA Weekly had a special Fire and Ice cocktail made up for the Golden Globes. (And yes, it should be an Ice and Fire cocktail. I know that. You know that. But not everybody does. Sigh.) And Bar None Drinks made a cocktail called the Iron Throne.

“But Elissa,” you might say. “What if I just want a cocktail that can be slightly punny when I host my Season 2 viewing parties this spring?” I’m glad you asked! Those of the Lannister persuasion would be best served with a Lion’s Tail, while those with a more Baratheon bent would do well with a Stag Manhattan. And for those longing for the days of the Targaryens, try a Red Dragon. And I’m not positive, but I’m willing to bet that the Greyjoys just do shots of Kraken rum and saltwater.

And if you have a soft spot for Jon Snow, you can always try my personal favorite, a Suffering Bastard.