Going International with Game of Thrones

Today I bring you a very special, although not craft-related, treat. Recently, I went to Japan, and one of my goals was to snag some Japanese copies of ASoIaF. It took visits to a couple of bookstores, but I was successful!




I spent way more time than I should have standing in the bookstore aisle trying to decide which volumes to get. The Japanese versions of the books were all printed in multiple volumes, with Storm of Swords and Dance of Dragons in three volumes and the other titles in two. So I had a cornucopia of options; the bookstore I was in had 8 of the volumes, all with beautiful cover art. So finally, I decided to choose one of each from Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords.

Notice how all of the have a cute little wraparound advertising the TV show? Here’s a close up of the entire thing.



Now, I can read a little bit of Japanese (translation: I can read katakana and hiragana okay, and kanji hardly at all), but I thought that the cover art made it worth the cover price for these, especially since my English books are the mass market trade paperbacks, which are not as aesthetically pleasing.

First up, we have the first volume of A Game of Thrones, which goes from the prologue to chapter 37 and has Jon Snow on the cover.


Also, Ghost is terrifying here. Look at his eyes!



The second volume of A Clash of Kings covers chapters 33-69 and features Bran. I think. It might also be Arya, but there’s a tree there, so I don’t know.


And a closeup.



And the first volume of A Storm of Swords, which goes up to chapter 27 and is my favorite out of the three. I’m pretty sure the cover features Sansa with her hairnet, if that gives you a clue.


Gorgeous, right?

The books also have what look like the same maps as the English versions (except, you know, in Japanese).



And they also provide the list of characters (although they include theirs before the story rather than at the end). Here is a section from (if my translation is correct) Meereen.



What do you guys think? Is there any cover art you’ve seen that you prefer?