So, This Happened

Hello, there. My name is Elissa and I am a Throneaholic. I got into Game of Thrones through the TV series (go ahead and judge) and am now plowing through the books. So, as I was watching/reading, I got the urge to make a Winter Is Coming scarf. So I looked to see if somebody had made a pattern. I couldn’t find one. That’s cool, I thought, maybe someone had other crafts I could look at. So I Googled “Game of Thrones crafts.” Not a lot of results. So I looked at places like Ravelry and Etsy. I got very few results. My conclusion: the world was seriously in need of a ASOIAF craft blog.

And so BAM here it is! I’ve got fabric and thread for some lovely sigil hankies and yarn for my Winter Is Coming scarf. I’ll be sharing pictures and updates as I go along, and hopefully I won’t fuck it up too much. For now, I have to pretend to do work, so I’ll see you later.